enamelled steel - the fire most beautiful art

Characteristics of enamel

In practice, usage properties of a material must prove themselves. Signs and placards must provide information and orientation, protect against dangers and serve for advertising purposes.


Colour fast
Enamel colours do not fade and are absolutely light-fast. Blue does not turn into grey, red remains red and white does not turn yellow. The colour brilliance of enamelled signs and placards remains forever.


With good adhesive strength
The enamelled surface is glass hard, wear resistant and extraordinarily scratch- and shock-proof. A composite of high adhesive strength is generated at 800 degrees Celsius. There is no sub-surface creep of rust.



Enamelled steel is made from natural, inorganic raw materials. If an enamelled sign has been destroyed, for example, the enamelled steel can be recycled.


Lettering and colours of enamelled signs do not fade. Not a single letter or graphic or surface gets weathered.


Low maintenance
The glassy-smooth enamelled surface has antistatic properties and a self-cleaning effect. Rain keeps enamel signs and placards “naturally” clean. Residues which are not washed off by the rain can be wiped away easily with a moist cloth.

Modern enamelling is extraordinarily scratch-and shock-proof. The glass-like surface is chemically resistant and even dried paint, felt pen markings or grease pencil marks can be removed easily.